For Jagi

Jagi, always think that I thank you…

For happiness. I will never forget how unwelcome this feeling came to me whenever I think about you. I was expecting dull impressions of you but you turned out to be the best daydream of all time. Your name conjures up more happy thoughts that fills my empty life – with plans of the future. Planning for it is not my thing for I didn’t even planned out mine. Now, I’d be happy to map out the path to an unselfish goal that you and I can share.

For God. I’ve considered to have lost God in my life for quite some time. I hate to admit it, but it’s the reality that I am ashamed to face. Showing me your life of prayer and faithfulness to him, made me reconsider my own. You seem to me, a blooming and healthy representation of my former self when I am still in touch with my creator. I took the world and made it the center of my life, now you came and turned it back to how it’s supposed to be.

For knowledge. Your mind is as beautiful as your eyes. To meet the woman who talks with wisdom and compassion may as well be an item for my bucket list. Your voice as you talk and the eyes that shows how your own words captivate you makes me listen in awe of how someone can challenge or share my beliefs. Time ultimately stops inside our own bubble of conversation as the euphoria of knowledge intoxicates my brain like wildfire.

For experience. I travel less. I talk to people as rarely as I can manage it. I am outgoing but not outreaching. Thinking about the world means seeing it through my own eyes and for my own purpose. You gave experience a new meaning by bringing in new things to me and for giving me the chance to experience what it is like inside your world. An hour with you is worth days of experience which I can never manage to gather alone even if I tried.

For friendship. Another inevitable consequence of being in contact with you is friendship. We have long hours talking on the phone and not one bit did I think that it was wasted time. Talking to you without being judged or looked down on makes me open up even my well-kept secrets. You’re my weakness when it comes to sharing my deepest desires. Only you can make me put down my guard and let you wander around my soul where no one has ever been.

– glenoid


Precisely why would you want a Google Pixel Screen Replacement?

We understand that Google Pixel screen repair may be extremely expensive, still, if there’s a chance that you can get it for more affordable but at the very same quality, probably it’s time you get this kind of service.


It’s broken and definitely look terrible to look at but in your head you’re persuaded you really don’t need to removed and replace the display if you can continue to make use of your Google Pixel. Seemingly, Google Pixel repair might be high priced at times but in Adelaide Mobile Phone Repair Centre, it does not have to be. This specific repair shop can offer you Pixel screen replacement that is more budget-friendly than what you obtain in an official Google Pixel service center. So why not buy this opportunity to save some cash and to conserve your damaged Google Pixel screen?

Adelaide Mobile Phone Repair Centre is a brand-new shop off Sydney that boasts a top-level experienced smartphone service technicians that can restore your Google Pixel right away. If you want a trusted Google Pixel screen replacement, then this outlet must be on top of your selection. These guys do Google Pixel repairs since the new Google mobile phone was released several months ago. They have the primary spare parts to perform this kind of repair works.

Right now if you are wondering just why would you desire this kind of service, because you may need it! Nobody wishes to evaluate a beat up display with blemishes on it. Google Pixel screen repair is currently not actually that challenging to discover. A lot of shops are certainly delivering this sort of service on their checklists but with Adelaide Mobile Phone Repair Centre, you get to have competent, quality repair service on a discount.

In case you definitely need to use this particular professional service, Adelaide Mobile Phone Repair Centre additionally delivers mail-in service. This could be applied to everybody even outside Adelaide. One basically just send in your Google Pixel on the mail, once the folks from the repair shop obtains your package they proceed in undertaking Google Pixel screen replacement. Immediately, they return the repaired unit to you via post.

It’s that easy. Now you would not need to despair where exactly and the reason why you would need Google Pixel screen replacement, you will get it simply because you can have it at the right price.

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#1 Mobile Phone Repair Shop in Adelaide

This is my top recommendation if you are looking for the best mobile phone repair shop around Adelaide. It’s the Adelaide Mobile Phone Repair Centre.

adelaide mobile phone repair centre mail in service

Is your smartphone display shattered, cracked or even completely ruined? Have it fixed right away for the right price. Adelaide Mobile Phone Repair Centre offers the best rates and much more. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose them instead of other shops.

Reason 1: Skilled All-Korean Smartphone Technicians

All of their technicians are highly-trained professionals in fixing smartphones of different types of damages. They all came from South Korea, which is where Samsung and LG came from. They use original (which are the best) replacement parts for your iPhone or Samsung. By the time they are done replacing the screen, your smartphone would look brand new all over again. On your LG screen replacement, for example, you’ll have peace of mind.

Reason 2: Right (and Low) Repair Rates

Don’t want to get ripped off on service charges? Have you been looking for an honest shop that will not over charge you through hidden fee? Then don’t worry because Adelaide Mobile Phone Repair Centre offers free diagnosis – regardless if you want to continue with the mobile phone repair. Pay only the parts and services that is agreed upon your first inquiry. No hidden charges, money back guarantee, warranty on all units repaired. Honest rates. Google Pixel screen replacement also come cheaper than other shops.

Reason 3: Mail-In Repair Service

Are you far from Adelaide Suburbs but still wants to have OnePlus screen replacement? Of course you do want it. Adelaide Mobile Phone Repair Centre offers mail-in repair service for patrons who want to avail of quality repair service even if they are outside Adelaide. Same quality services for the right price, but you get all the convenience. It doesn’t get better than that.

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Contact Form Retains Simplicity and Performance with its Latest Release

About the New Version

On March 29, 2016, Takayuki Miyoshi released Contact Form with updates on the previous version from February 20, 2016; still with the features we love from the last iterations of this plugin.

Screenshot (35).png

Contact Form 7 is a plugin that can manage multiple, fully customizable contact forms within any posts or pages. These customized forms are mainly created using HTML scripts making each form seamlessly integrated with any WordPress theme. This plugin also supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, and Akismet spam filtering.

Developers and designers, based on the reviews submitted to its page, all agree that this plugin is useful and handy given that it’s also free. However, note that it would require WordPress 4.3 to 4.5 before you download and activate Contact Form.

This newer version included patches to some issues (and future issues) with regards to the Red Border Error problem that have plagued many mail plugins with users getting a red box saying there was an error after sending emails. It was reportedly caused by misconfigurations with the mail setup which was easily solved with changes to its configurations. No bugs were found on Contact Form 7 so far but this patch was more preventive.

Some notable performance changes to Contact Form includes:

  • Added a link to FAQ.
  • Relaxed email domain validation.
  • Added a mail header syntax check for Cc, Bcc, and Reply-To.
  • Fixed incorrect character count for quotation marks.
  • Removed language packs for German (de_DE), Italian (it_IT), Romanian (ro_RO), Estonian (et), Spanish (es_ES), and Finnish (fi).

Installation and Configuration

  • Download the latest Contact Form 7 from its WordPress repository and just like any other plugin upload the entire folder to /wp-content/plugins. Refresh the Plugins page and Contact Form 7 will appear in the list of detected plugins.

Screenshot (17).png

  • Right after installing, Contact Form 7 is ready to be activated. Simply click Activate.

Screenshot (23)

  • Once activated, Contact Form 7 will be a part of your WordPress site. Various settings can be changed to cater a specific design or functional need. Click Settings, then click Edit to modify features.

Screenshot (25)

Features and Settings

  • Shortcodes – Each Contact Form can be easily mixed to a post, page or a text widget. Just by copy and paste the code that you get on your own settings page.


  • HTML-based – Whether or not HTML is your thing, this markup is not at all hard. This shows the fields that appears on the final form, so feel free to do some changes with ease.



  • Simple Mail Handling – You can do all the essential setups to make sure your form works and messages get sent to your email by filling out simple information that are all but familiar.



  • Modifiable Message – Have a fully-controllable message body to conform to the needs of the site. Attachments can also be added using nothing but scripts.


  • User-Friendly Responses – Make sure visitors get it right. Alert message to technical? Change it!


  • Advance Mode – For developers who want to take Contact Form 7 to the next level, additional settings (using scripts, of course) can be made to have full control over the plugin.

Screenshot (30)

  • Familiar Look & Feel – Make every visitor welcome and be inclined to reach out to you by seeing a familiar contact form layout to use.

Screenshot (34)



The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Best (Worst) Feature: No Headphone Jack

The California-based tech giant, Apple, has been recently linked to some ground-breaking and bold feature iteration of the next iPhone. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (or iPhone 7 Pro) is reportedly to ditch the 40-year old technology, the 3.5mm audio jack.


This means future iPhone 7 users will resort to use Bluetooth or the Lightning connector to listen to audio files from the phones using headphones or earbuds.

Online tech reviewers posted some reaction videos to this and came up with a good amount of analyses and that this ‘typical’ Apple strategy is to be expected.

However, it is apparently unanimous among the tech community that listening to audio using the Lightning port could bring a lot of benefits in improving the listening experience using software tweaks. The problem of being not able to listen to music or videos while charging can be solved in a lot of ways. According to Marques Brownlee, a tech Youtuber, adapters is one of the answers.

A lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter.

After releasing the new MacBook with only one USB Type-C, experts have predicted that Apple would sell adapters for users who would opt to use the existing hardware such as high quality speakers and headphones. This includes a lightning to auxiliary or a splitter that would support both charging and audio listening.

Going wireless is also a priority to Apple. By early 2016, AirPods was officially registered by company as the Bluetooth version of the earbuds. The question of whether AirPods will be packaged together with the brand new iPhone or will be sold separately is still to be confirmed.

In the talk about prioritizing wireless, Apple is yet to implement wireless charging to iPhones. As good as it may be for the next release and for the consumers, this will be unlikely to happen on iPhone 7. This is one of the feature speculations that could enable charging and audio listening for its creative, multi-tasking users.

The iPhone 7 and all new devices will be unveiled on the next Apple Even on September 2016.


No Man’s Sky: Be Ready to Explore 18 Billion, Billion Planets

One of the most anticipated open-world game, or as Hello Games call it, an open-universe game of 2016 is nearing its upcoming release. No Man’s Sky is certainly soon to become one of the first mainstream, successful procedural-driven game to date.


The idea of the game is mainly about exploration of its 18 quintillion planets, all of which have its own ecosystem that a player can mine to improve its ship and suit. No level ups on this first version of the game, just pure survival and exploration.

What makes this game special is its unpredictability. Procedural-generation makes it possible to create the 18 billion, billion planets by combining random characteristics to build maps, life forms, terrain and other elements that make up a planet that a player visits on the fly. This means endless possibilities of encountering unfamiliar or alien stuffs.

Sean Murray, the game’s creator, would love the player to blend into the planet, feel the coolness of being the first to discover it and make themselves feel good about that achievement.

Although multiple players can play on a single universe, it is highly unlikely that two players will ever meet on the same planet at the same location. Developers say chances of that happening is less than 1%. This is because the map simulates the real universe and in order for a player to go to another player’s location, they would have to travel the distance between the two locations. This just shows how big the map really is.

GameRanx, released a video review of No Man’s Sky showing how the game looks and feels, how exciting it is to play in such a wide map. This should be worth it since interested players can pre-order the game on Steam for $59.99.

No Man’s Sky will be released for all by June 21, 2016 in Northern America, June 22 in Europe and June 24 in the UK.


How to Deal with Disappointments

Lately, I have been facing some challenges on how I could cope up with disappointments especially with betrayals from the very people I learned to trust.

It started as very subtle. Subtle enough to be thought to be very not alarming. This won’t be detailed as I am really bored, uninterested even, to be recalling and devoting so much of this essay’s bulk to unhealthy storytelling.

Disappointments. Disappointments is when people misinterpret the actions that you do. I do something nice and some creatures think it’s something really special and twist it to motivate themselves to advance in an inappropriate way.

(I can see how euphemisms can mask the morbidity of events with formalities. So I will continue just like that.)

Disappointments. It is when people are ungrateful of the good that comes out of you. They have mustered the audacity of doing unimaginable evil to you thinking it is fun. Well, it proved that they knew less or nothing before they executed their ill-conceived plans.

Disappointments. It is when your passion burning with a consistent fire, driving you and your life in motion, is ruined. Ruined in such a way that when a hobby that used to remind you of happy stuffs now reminds you of images of things and people you are trying to stay out of.

How to deal with disappointments when it already happened?

Burn bridges. As cliche as it may sound, this is simply put discarding the people who made you miserable in the first place. In the context of social media, block them. Seriously. Block them. This conditions the mind that it is the end of  friendships – for now. This is not to say that this will be so forever; no, this is just a way to have a break.

I did just that. Disappointments from the unexpected of places or people is painful. The medicine is different to different people. Just find the one you find most helpful.